Marabu North America Launches New Line of Ultra Jet Digital Inks



Marabu North America announces the release of the all new, Ultra Jet DLE-A and Ultra Jet DUV-A digital UV-LED inks designed for a wide range of applications and substrates.

The Ultra Jet inks are the newest product in the Marabu line of digital inks, specifically tailored for high resolution print heads for both traditional UV printing (Ultra Jet DUV-A) and for the increasingly popular UV-LED printing (Ultra Jet DLE-A).

The inks were designed for use on rigid and flexible substrates and feature a wide color gamut, high quality pigments for outdoor resistance and excellent adhesion qualities.

The Ultra Jet line also includes a white, a varnish and metallic ink options for a variety of finishes and effects. Ultra Jet is also suited for additional post-production processing including milling, drilling and bending.

For more information on the Marabu’s Ultra Jet Digital Inks or to request a sample, please contact Chuck McGettrick, North American Sales Manager for Digital Inks, Marabu North America at 843.300.0138 or