Texa® Jet DX-SHM

One water-based sublimation ink system, serving a dual purpose: TexaJet DX-SHM is suitable for transfer as well as direct digital printing. TexaJet DX-SHM (Sublimation-Hybrid-Mimaki) was espacially developed for best performace on Mimaki printers running on SB300 sublimation ink and achieves most brilliant colours.


  • Two-in-one ink system for two application techniques: transfer and direct printing (avoids double storage)
  • Best fastness properties (light, wash and perspiration fastness)
  • Deep black, intensive colours
  • High environmental compatibility

Print direct-to-fabric or transfer to polyester and polyamide (nylon) fabrics. Rigid polyester-coated materials. Blended fabrics containing at least 60% polyester.



Colour Shades

  429 Yellow
  439 Magenta
  459 Cyan

488 Black