Digital Textile Printing

Water-based inks are the preferred choice for digital textile printing. Marabu offers solutions for various application techniques.

Our hybrid sublimation ink TexaJet DX-SHE is ideal for both conventional transfer and direct printing on pre-treated polyester fabrics, offering digital printers the flexibility they seek for a broad range of commercial textile applications.

In contrast, our specialized ink for transfer printing TexaJet DX-STE works well even on very thin paper, and is also optimized for Epson printheads.

Pad Printing onto Textiles

The future is direct printing: rather than additional sewn-in labels, manufacturers are increasingly choosing to print brand names, size, and care instructions directly onto the inside of clothing. Pad printing is the ideal method for this application as it is ressource-efficient and minimises waste.

Our specialty inks for direct printing onto textiles feature utmost environmental and consumer safety: They are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and contain no substances listed in the California Proposition 65.

Printing Inks for Textiles

Screen Printing onto Textiles

The list of printed textiles ranges from material for blinds and sunshades, to sports bags, racket sleeves, T-shirts, and casual clothing. Whether industrial products or casual wear, in textile printing there are hardly no limits to ideas, patterns, and design.

Suitable Ink Systems:

MaraFlor TK

  • Solvent-based, high-opaque 2-component ink for synthetic and natural textiles
  • High-quality pigmentation for long-term outdoor use applications such as blinds
  • Wash-resistant up to 60°      

TampaPur TPU

  • Solvent-based, high gloss 2-component ink
  • Especially suited for critical substrates
  • High mechanical and chemical resistances      

TampaSport TPSP

  • Solvent-based 2-component ink, highly flexible for improved wearing comfort
  • Very high resistance to washing and ironing 
  • Easy processing for process safety and efficiency     

TexaJet DX-SHE

  • Two-in-one ink system for 2 application techniques: Transfer and Direct Printing
  • Intensive colours and deep black for brilliant print results
  • Very good light, wash, and perspiration fastness

TexaJet DX-STE

  • High environmental compatibility (low odour, APEO-free, meets the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirements)
  • Intensive colours and deep black for brilliant print results
  • Excellent colour release properties