Knowledge Database: Tech Infos

July 2023

GMP ("Good Manufacturing Practice")

Printing Inks for Food Contact Materials ("FCM")

January 2023

New Symbol "Evaporation Data"

Evaporation times of thinners and retarders.

UPDATE January 2023

August 2022

Pad Printing Clichés

Manufacturing and differences of cliché types.

June 2022

Pad Printing Auxiliaries and Additives

Appropriate use of Marabu’s auxiliaries for pad printing inks.

UPDATE Jan 2023

Effect Inks

April 2022

Marabu Screen and Pad Printing Effects

Nowadays, many printed products draw the customer's attention not only by means of optical impressions, but with emotional messages. Different visual…

May 2021

Auxiliaries for UV-curable screen printing inks

Appropriate use of Marabu’s auxiliaries for UV-curable screen printing inks.

UPDATE May 2021

April 2021

MaquaPad MAP

Handling instructions for water-based pad printing with MAP

November 2019

Quality of Printing Inks

Information on tolerances which may result in optical deviations from batch-to-batch

UPDATE November 2019

August 2019

Auxiliaries for solvent-based screen printing inks

Appropriate use of Marabu’s auxiliaries for solvent-based screen inks.

UPDATE Jan 2023

June 2019

Haptic effects on glass with UVGL-RH/-RL

RH= Relief High Viscosity / RL= Relief Low Viscosity: Application and adjustment possibilities

UPDATE June 2019