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Clear Coating / Liquid Laminates

Clear coatings, also called "liquid laminates", are a way to protect billboards, prints, fine art, signs, banners, awnings and other products. Liquid laminates are cost-effective, easy to apply, and do not require extensive equipment. The cost ranges from 3-20 cents per square foot.

Marabu liquid laminates features ultraviolet light absorbers and light stabilizers that offer protection for many products. Use liquid laminates for:

  • digital inkjet output
  • printed and airbrushed products
  • traditional signage and graphic art applications

Our clear coatings, ClearShield ® , ClearJet ® , and Marashield , are premium grade, high-performance products. We created them specially to:

  • protect inks from ultraviolet exposure
  • protect inks from abrasion and marring
  • provide resistance to chemicals and water

ClearShield laminates can be used with all types of vehicle and fleet graphics. It can be used over pressure sensitive cast and calendared materials, heavy tarpaulins and flex vinyl. The product provides excellent UV resistance as well as abrasion and chemical resistance, yet it is flexible enough to go anytime it renders or fails to install.

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Benefits for your business:

  • Lower material costs: Liquid coatings are less expensive than laminating films, depending on material and application
  • Lower process costs: Liquid Coating by Means of Roller Coating eliminates the need for time-intensive post-print cutting
  • Purpose-designed: Products specifically designed for each application instead of all-purpose coatings of unspectacular quality
  • Consistent quality: Machine application for industrial and reproducible quality - on rigid and flexible substrates
  • Suitable for outdoor use:  With a high-grade sandwich combination of film, ink, and coating
  • First-class results: whether glossy or matt, our coatings provide complete and even coverage without "orange peel effect"

ClearShield water-based: set-up and run the StarLam 1600R

StarLam 1600R: Cleaning