Luminescent Inks

Glow-in-the-dark MaraGlow GW - Fluorescent inks - UV-active - Photochrome effects

Thermochromatic Effects

Inks changing the colour under the influence of temperature

Matt, Structure, and Gloss Effects

Noble effects through matt surfaces and "spot-varnishing"
Haptic effects - Braille printing - Safety symbols

Writeable Inks

Chalk board inks, inks for signature fields, and even laser writeable inks

Metallic Effects

Bronze powders, bronze pastes, and high gloss metallic pastes

Mirror Ink

Achieve the perfect mirror effect with MaraChrome MC

Glitter Effects

Silver, gold, or coloured effects - available with many UV-curable or solvent-based printing inks

Pearlescent Effects

Silver white - High brilliance - Flop effects - Sparkling

Special Effects Printing Inks

Subconscious emotions are often created by visual or haptic impressions. Such effects are in particular essential for sales promotion purposes but also for matters of information transfer and product safety.

By virtue of their ability to transfer any particle size, screen as well as pad printing is predestined for the realization of such effects.

Find detailed and valuable tips regarding possibilities, applications, and processing in the Tech Info "Marabu Effect Inks" which provides plenty of information on: