Mara® Jet DI-SX

for Roland® VersaCAMM VS/Vpi/Spi, VersaArt SOLJET XC/XJ

MaraJet DI-SX may also be used on printers with identical construction employing Roland EcoSolMax3 inks, or similar.


  • Plug & Print Compatibility
  • Outstanding Chemical & Abrasion Durability
  • Formulated for Precision in High Speed Printing
  • High Grade Pigments

MaraJet DI-SX is available in both cartridges and liters for high volume printing.  No new profiles necessary, for fast and simple ink changeovers.

Thanks to the high-quality pigmentation, a light fastness of 2 years is achieved on corresponding high-grade foils.


Color Shades


429 Yellow
434 Light Magenta
438 Magenta
455 Light Cyan
459 Cyan
485 Light Black

489 Black


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