Mara® Shape DUV-HBV

MaraShape DUV-HBV "High Build Varnish" is a UV-curable digital printing ink, which has been specially developed for the decoration of haptic printings for the digital direct printing on packaging and hollow bodies. Particularly suitable for the industrial single-pass process.


  • Can be combined with DUV-C to combine visual and haptic effects
  • High layer build-up with constant contour sharpness
  • Layer thicknesses up to 1mm printable
  • Excellent reproduction of glass structures (reliefs)
  • Economical replacement for conventional embossing decoration


  • The MaraShape DUV-HBV is suitable for: Glass
    In combination with pre-treatment and primer P5 the optimal result in terms of adhesion is achieved
  • MaraShape DUV-HBV is suitable for the following printhead: Xaar 1003
    In combination with Xaar's high-laydown technology, particularly high layer thicknesses can be achieved.