Tampa® Glass TPGL

Glossy, fast drying 2-component pad printing ink for glass and many other substrates. TampaGlass TPGL impresses with excellent appearance, is easy to use and universally applicable thanks to very good adhesion and high resistances.

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The new Tampaglass TPGL Opaque White 170 features everything you could wish for when it comes to Opaque White:
Outstanding opacity, more bluish than yellowish, and equipped with all the benefits of this versatile ink system:

See for youself:

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  • Outstanding ink flow, easy processing
  • Very high mechanical, chemical, fill goods, and dishwasher resistance
  • Highest efficiency thanks to fast printing speeds
  • Wide substrate range

Product properties

Ink system:

solvent-based, 2-component



Degree of gloss:



Glass & Ceramics




Coated substrates


Thermosetting plastics


Anodised aluminium


Chrome-plated parts



 limited suitability



 with hardener

 no dishwasher resistance

 with adhesion modifier