Ultra Jet DLE-JX

Ultra Jet DLE- JX is a LED-curable ink, which is specially developed as alternative for LUS120 and MIMAKI printers

Your Benefits

  • Chemical compatible
  • LUS120 alternative
  • Suitable for LED lamps
  • High-grade pigmentation
  • NVC free
  • Including LUS120 chips
  • A wide range of substrates that can be printed on, such as rigid materials like acrylics (PMMA), rigid PVC, aluminium composite panels (like Dibond®), polycarbonate, flexible substrates like self-adhesive films or PVC, banner material, backlit and PC foils

Colour Shades

428 Yellow
434 Light Magenta
438 Magenta
455 Light Cyan
459 Cyan

489 Black

170 White