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Marabu-ColorFormulator MCF


Marabu-ColorFormulator MCF-HD2

The Marabu-ColorFormulator MCF-HD2 is a portable spectrophotometer equipped with the latest technology. With its coloured touch screen and high-resolution display it is spectrophotometer and densitometer in one, and thus the ideal tool for colour matching, quality control, and density measurement.



Marabu-ColorFormulator MCF-H2

The likewise portable MCH-H2 has a measuring geometry of d/8° and operates with a spectral resolution of 10 nm. The economical spectrophotometer delivers reliable results on almost any surface and texture. The permanently installed measuring aperture has a diameter of 8 mm. 

MCF-H2 ProductINFO

Comparison ChartMCF-HD2                   MCF-H2                         

Measurement geometry

45° / 0° ring opticdiffuse / 8°
Measurement aperture ∅

4 mm (standard),

Alternatives: 6mm, 2mm, 1,5 mm*     

8 mm *
Coloured touch screen-
Bluetooth technology-
Resolution10 nm10 nm
NetProfiler®3 support√**√**
Pre-installed digital Pantone® fan -