Action Tac® Application Techniques

Ideal temperature for applying vinyl is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

1) Clean surface with Action Tac.

2) Place lettering (copy) on surface.

Assume that every surface is dirty and that it should be cleaned thoroughly before any transfer is made.

3) Remove backing then spray surface with Action Tac.

4) Lay and copy wet surface and squeegee down.

Action Tac is an excellent cleaner and prep agent.

5) After 1 minute (approx.) saturate tape, squeegee once more.

6) Carefully remove transfer tape, pull down at 45 degrees.

A clean surface will usually result in a good transfer.

7) Complete transfer by wiping area dry.

Further Directions: 

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. As with all coating applications, success relies on thorough surface preparation. All surfaces must be clean prior to application of vinyl graphics. Action Tac is an excellent cleaning solution. All surfaces should be “squeaky” clean before proceeding with transfer.
  3. Spray cleaned area with Action Tac. Larger graphics require more flooding.
  4. Remove backing paper from pressure sensitive graphics. Lay copy on wet surface and position into place. Squeegee down to remove air bubbles and excess transfer solution. Always squeegee from center to edges.
  5. Depending on the substrate, wait up to two minutes. Spray and flood transfer tape with Action Tac. Squeegee again if desired.
  6. Carefully remove transfer tape by pulling tape from one corner at a 45 degree angle to the copy.
  7. Complete transfer by wiping area dry.

 Use with adequate ventilation. Wear protective gloves.