Window Juice

Window Juice gives you time to position your graphics and gets you off the job fast! Take advantage of the money-making jobs everyone used to hate to do. No more long waits to remove transfer tape. Do it now, do it quick, and do it right with Window Juice.

  • Unique Product
  • Economical
  • Use With Pressure Sensitive Vinyls And Decals
  • Fast, Simple, Clean Application
  • Allows Time To Position Your Graphics
  • Eliminates Bubbles And Wrinkles
  • Remove Your Transfer Tape In Under Two Minutes
  • Works In Extreme Weather Conditions Cold Or Hot, Dry Or Warm
  • Friendly, Safe, And Easy-To-Use
  • Available In 4-Ounce And Quart Plastic Bottles With Sprayers.

Transport Information

Not regulated

Box size

Shipping Weight

1 quart – 4lbs (1.83 kg)
1 case (12 qts) – 25 lbs (11.34 kg)